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Investment Chart


A lot of investors want to create scenarios and see where they stand. This helps them plan better. These calculators help investors create scenarios for various financial goals. 

How much money do you need to invest to generate regular income?


This income may be required for self-consumption or to meet the dependent’s needs.


Use this calculator to know the amount you need to invest to generate a certain amount of income every month.


How to use the calculator


  1. Monthly pension: The amount of monthly income you desire to generate.

  2. Expected inflation: Our average inflation in India has been around 7% p.a. You can keep this as the inflation assumption.

  3. Expected return: At a portfolio level, what is the return you expect? Do not use an aggressive expected return assumption.

  4. Current age: The age at which you would like to start getting a regular income.

  5. Life expectancy: Until when would you want this income to continue? 

Know yourself better


This risk profile helps you establish a broad range of growth and income. Now you might be wondering, if you are planning for a long-term goal say retirement, and say you are a conservative investor, why not invest in only equity or real estate? The answer to this would be ‘your behaviour will not allow you to stick to equity/real estate for long-term and in case the value falls, you may act in a way that would jeopardize long-term objective’.  

Where do you stand today, financially?


What makes up your financial position or Net Worth?


Your assets and liabilities: The amount of assets—items of value—you hold, is a precise indicator of your current and future financial position.

Assets tend to add to your income e.g. investments. Or they help reduce expenses, as in the case of owning a house—it saves you taxes and rent. Thus, assets help to strengthen your financial position. On the other hand, liabilities weaken your financial position.


Liabilities—something that you owe is a liability.  

More assets and lesser liabilities would help you better your financial position and strengthen your money.


Just like any disease is best treated when detected in an early stage, similarly with regard to your financial health recognizing early signs can help you take the right steps and prevent great disasters for yourself.


Watch out if your liabilities including credit card bills are more than assets. If they are, you should first bring down your liabilities to a manageable level before you start investing.

Income and Expense Analysis


It’s useful to separate your expenses into 2 categories:

  1. Fixed Needs – Necessary expenses that stay the same from month to month, e.g., rent, and phone bill.

  2. Variable Needs – Necessary expenses that may vary from month to month, e.g., petrol expenses, food. This also includes discretionary expenses such as shopping.


If you have a monthly savings goal (and you should!), include it as an expense.  It is much easier to save money if you’ve planned for it in your budget.  And it’s important, too: if you run into unforeseen expenses, you’ll want to be able to pay them without going into debt.  And even if nothing goes wrong, having some savings will help you follow your goals in the future.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is about ensuring that there is adequate income to meet the expenses in the retirement stage of an individual’s lifecycle or at a stage when you don't want to work for money. 


There are a few things you need to know before we get into the calculation. One is living expense, that comes from cash flow analysis. The other when do you want to retire and the third is your life expectancy.

How much to save for your kids

Remember that child can get a loan for education but no one gives you a loan for retirement and that is why child education can very well be a need or want.

Irrespective, you need to know how much to save so that your child's future can be secure. 

How much insurance cover you must have?

If something were to happen to you, your family should still be able to live comfortably. In case there is a loss of cash flow due to any eventuality, you need to know what should be the amount of insurance cover. 

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