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Plutus Capital's Investment Review is for those who have an advisor but need a second opinion

Every journey needs navigation to stay on course, and the journey toward meeting your financial goals is no exception. You can’t assess your progress without regularly checking your status and correcting your course. Regardless of the size of your portfolio, your savings are all you have to build on. During an investment portfolio review from Plutus Capital, your financial advisor will evaluate your entire financial picture and provide feedback and recommendations on how to keep your portfolio structured appropriately.


Data Collection


Review Portfolio


Create Investment Review Report

Step 4

Quarterly Review & Update

The investment review includes a review of mutual funds, bonds, and stocks 

Investment Review Fees  

Quarter 1 + Quarter 2

Rs 11,800
(Rs 10,000 + 18% GST)

Quarter 3 + Quarter 4

Rs 11,800
(Rs 10,000 + 18% GST)

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