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How does the money grow?

The key to making money in stocks is to stay in the market, giving time in the market is the best predictor of your performance. Unfortunately, investors often exit the stock market at the worst possible times, thereby missing out on the annual return. To make money investing in stocks, staying invested for more time means more chances for your investments to grow.

How does the money grow?

Here are some of the best ways one can grow money to its full potential:

Be Consistent in your investment

The reason why money grows by staying constant towards investment is the effect called ‘rupee cost averaging. In simple words, it refers to averaging the short-term ups and downs of the market in long term. It is because of rupee cost averaging that consistent investors get to enjoy decent returns despite market turbulence.


It is advised to be open to a range of investment plans at once. It’s better not be put all your eggs in one basket. In simple words, it's recommended that investors put their money across diverse options such as real estate, bonds, stocks, etc. This is one of the best ways to grow your money is by narrowing out the chances of being at a complete loss and even though if one investment turns out to be a failure, you would still have other options to be depended on.

Start Early

The soon you start investing, the more time the investment gets for making up, and the better become the chances of money growth. In simple words, investing is something that you should always have started a bit earlier to grow your money. Starting early always lies in the power of compounding. Compounding leads to advanced growth of your money and its effect increases as the investment tenure increases. The rule is, the earlier you start, the better grows the money.

Invest Smartly

Do not get delighted by the fancy investment advertisements. Use your perception and caution while choosing an investment. Always turn to investments suiting your appetite. Never put money in investments that you do not understand. Do not invest more than you can put at stake.

Expert Advice in terms of Growth of Money

If you’re a little dicey about your own financial goals and priorities, you better take professional help or consult someone close who’s good with numbers and who has set an example of making money with wise investments. Get the help of a financial advisor who would take a look into your finances and suggest investments that suits your needs and appetite.


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