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Investing in Mutual Funds in your 20s

Investors who start investing in their early 20s get more time to grow their wealth, so they would be in a better position to reach all their financial goals easily.

Investing in Mutual Funds in your 20s

Here, are some key strategies that individuals in their 20s can apply to start making investments.

Start investing early

The most common money mistake individuals in their early 20s make is delaying their investment decision. This delay can very costly. To avoid this, you can start with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in a Mutual Fund. By starting a small SIP of Rs. 500 per month, an investor can watch their money grow over time, and this will act as an incentive to save and invest in the future.

Learn the basics of finance

Young people should learn the basics of financial planning, taxes, and investment products.

Saving First, Spend later

Invest 20% of your salary every month. Increase the saving amount by 10% every year. You must be wondering, how will this amount make a difference. A small amount of Rs 10,000 grows to Rs 40 lakhs in 10 years. It’s just a matter of starting.


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