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We Build a Portfolio of Quality Companies and let the Magic of Compounding Grow Wealth. 


We Do Not Have Any Interest In Trading.

Stock Advisory Services
We like businesses that are growing without sacrificing their Margins and ROCE.

High Growth Businesses

We like businesses that run professionally and uphold high corporate governance standards.

Clean Management

We like businesses that operate in profitable industries with a track record of high ROCE. 

Competitive Edge


  • 15-20 high conviction ideas.

  • All companies to have Return on Investment of over 20% in each of the last 10 years.

  • Low or no net debt/borrowing.

  • Non-cyclical and non-commodity businesses. 

  • The portfolio is created to beat Nifty 500 benchmark.

Advisory Fees (Charged Quarterly)

1.0%* p.a. + GST

How does it work?

*Minimum Advisory Fees Rs 20,000 + GST


Signup: Our team will assist you with your KYC details, risk profiling and onboarding. 


Execution: You invest in your own demat account and share the transaction report with us. 


Portfolio construction: We advise on how to construct your portfolio with suggested allocation. 


Rebalancing: We track your portfolio from time to time, and help you implement the ongoing changes in a timely manner.