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Invest in High-Quality Companies of India

Stock Advisory Services
We like businesses that are growing without sacrificing their Margins and ROCE.

High Growth Businesses

We like businesses that run professionally and uphold high corporate governance standards.

Clean Management

We like businesses that operate in profitable industries with a track record of high ROCE. 

Competitive Edge


  • High-quality companies across the market cap. 

  • High Return on Investment over the last 10 years.

  • Low or no net debt/borrowing.

  • Non-cyclical and non-commodity businesses. 

  • Consistently compound your wealth over time.

Advisory Fees (Charged Quarterly)

Rs 15 lakhs - Rs 1.0 crores
1.5% p.a. + GST
Rs 1.0 crore - Rs 2.5 crores
1.0% p.a. + GST
Rs 2.5 crore - Rs 5.0 crores
0.75% p.a. + GST
More than Rs 5 crores
0.5% p.a. + GST