Value investing is easy to understand but hard to practice. Our job is to buy something for less than it is at least worth and generally hold on till we can sell at a price above its fair value.

India Opportunities Strategy
We believe that over long-term, true value of the company is only based on its fundamentals.

Fundamental Based

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India Opportunities Strategy

  • 15-20 high conviction ideas.

  • All companies to have Return on Investment of over 20% in each of the last 10 years.

  • Low or no net debt/borrowing.

  • Non-cyclical and non-commodity businesses. 

  • The portfolio is created to beat Nifty 500 benchmark.

India Opportunities Strategy is a resilient portfolio that will absorb market shocks and recover quickly

An investor who started in October 2018 has already recovered his/her capital although the stock market has still not recovered!

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