Plutus Capital has been helping families since 2012 manage their investments, better. We offer bespoke wealth management solutions to secure and grow client's wealth. 

The success of tomorrow relies upon the seeds of today
In today’s increasingly complex market and regulatory landscape, we support you and your family with long-term financial planning solutions that can weather all seasons.
A holistic advisory process for sophisticated investors 
You can trust us to employ a holistic advisory process when devising the best possible solutions to meet your needs. The solutions will be provided on a best-effort basis to meet your requirements so that they are in line with your requirements.

Plutus Capital's Investment Advisory Services offer you active guidance through the process of idea evaluation, identification of the right solutions for your unique needs and implementation of your investment plan.

How do we add value?

The outcome of investing can be broken into skill and behaviour. When you invest in a fund or a strategy, you are just evaluating the skill of the fund manager. Your returns would depend upon your response to market movements. An investment advisor helps you in managing your behaviour better. 

There is a relatively new concept called "advisor's alpha," which describes the value investment advisers bring to a client relationship. Most of this is self-serving for the investment industry, but some important points are surrounding this concept. Individual investors strive for the highest returns possible but do not necessarily think about process, efficiency, or discipline.

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